eXvisory privacy policy

What personal information we collect and how we use it.

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eXvisory respects your right to privacy and endeavours to collect the minimum amount of personal information required to operate our service. We do not give or sell your personal information to third parties. If you feel that we are violating this Privacy Policy, please contact us.


To use eXvisory you must sign in to our service using a Google (or other) account and allow eXvisory access to profile information for that account: for example your name, email address, nickname and profile image. We will not access personal profile information or give or sell it to third parties without your permission.

eXvisory sessions

Your answers to eXvisory assistant questions may contain personal information: for example the name of your home WiFi network (if you are using a mobile device troubleshooting assistant). We will make best efforts to secure this information and will not give or sell it to third parties. We may derive anonymous or aggregated data from your personal information for our own purposes, for example publishing the frequency of problems experienced by different mobile devices, but we will remove any personally identifiable information.


eXvisory is hosted on Google infrastructure, so every interaction with eXvisory flows through Google servers. What does that mean? There's no short answer but see Google Privacy & Terms for the gory details. Our reading is that Google takes your privacy seriously.


A 'cookie' is a piece of information that servers send to your browser. Cookies allow websites to remember information about your choices until you exit your current browser window (temporary cookies) or until you disable or delete the cookie. Most cookies are used to improve your browsing experience (by remembering choices) but cookies can also be used to track your browsing habits. Cookies cannot damage your device. eXvisory does not use cookies directly but the Google infrastructure hosting eXvisory probably does (see Google above). Disabling cookies in your browser may therefore prevent you from using eXvisory.


When you sign into eXvisory the authentication system gives us your email address (see Authentication above). We may use this email address to communicate with you. These emails will either be service emails (required for your use of the eXvisory service) or marketing emails. In both cases we will provide you the means to opt-out of further emails. Opting out of service emails may impact your ability to use the eXvisory service. If you are receiving emails from us, when you think you should not, please contact us.


We try to respond to inbound user enquiries. We may retain your correspondence and contact information to help us improve our products and services and may contact you again in future (using your contact details) with relevant updates.


eXvisory is hosted on Google infrastructure and takes advantage of its built-in, world-class security (see the security sections of Google Privacy & Terms and Google Cloud Platform Security). A simple way of looking at this is that hundreds of millions of users use Google infrastructure daily for commercial applications involving personal information. This means that Google takes security very seriously and its security measures are heavily tested in practice!