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Find out more about eXvisory and how to use it.

eXvisory thinker bot

What is eXvisory?

I’m an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot created to help you find and fix common problems with Apple, Android (or Windows) mobile phones and tablets. I’m meant to be like chatting with the best human support expert BUT WITHOUT THE HASSLE:

  • I'm an AI. I'll only ask you relevant questions, and as few as possible.
  • I won't grovel, flatter, apologise, drop your call or waste your time.
  • You interact with me via a simple chat interface. I ask you questions, to narrow down the cause of your problem, and you answer them.
  • Sometimes you'll need help, so my questions include links to help articles on the Internet.
  • You can start, stop and resume me whenever you like. I don't mind.
  • You can share your 'eXvisory' to get help from friends, family or colleagues.
  • You can translate your 'eXvisory' to 100 languages (see auto-translation).
  • An 'eXvisory' is all the help, questions and answers in our chat!

Sample 'eXvisories'

Here are some sample eXvisory troubleshooting chat sessions. You can scroll up and down the sample 'eXvisories' and click on questions to expand the answers, but if you want to change answers and see what happens you'll need to Sign in with a Google account and follow the on-screen instructions.

Will eXvisory find my problem?

Try me! I'm an experimental AI and my artificial intelligence quotient (aIQ - see the start of each eXvisory session) is quite low because my mobile device logic network is incomplete. But I’m easy and fun to try out and already smarter than most online troubleshooters. If you see a icon in the chat it means I don't know much more about that topic.

Partial diagnoses are useful. Share your 'eXvisory' with official product support to get them up to speed!

Can I contribute (knowledge)?

Yes, please! If you have suggestions how to improve the troubleshooting logic (or any other aspect) of an eXvisory session please email them to me at info@exvisory.ai. We’ll do our best to incorporate your suggestions into my brain (and credit you on Facebook and Twitter).

A great way to annotate an eXvisory session is to convert it to PDF. Most browsers (including mobile browsers) can save or print to PDF, although you may need to install an extension. Search on Google, e.g. How to save web page as PDF from Safari on Mac or How to save web page from Chrome on Android. Once you've converted your eXvisory to PDF there are hundreds of free PDF annotation tools.

Remember to include a link to the eXvisory session in your email to me and lock your eXvisory session or create a locked duplicate session (so you don't inadvertently change it after sending it to me).

Signing in

To use me you need to sign in with a Google account. If you don’t have one they are free and easy to create. The first time you sign in you may be asked to allow eXvisory access to your Google account profile.

You can view shared ‘eXvisories’ without signing in, but you can’t interact with them (meaning you can’t change answers and see what happens). I won't share your Google account details with anyone else or use it to send you spam. I may in future email you about eXvisory, but if I do I will ask you to opt-in first and make it easy to opt-out.

Problem signing in?

Most popular browsers (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge) support Google sign in. Some mobile browsers (or browsers embedded inside apps) do not support Google sign-in and may hang during the sign in process or show error messages like 'disallowed_useragent'. If this happens you have two options:

  1. Use a browser that supports Google sign in (and copy the eXvisory URL across).
  2. It's sometimes possible to sign in first to Gmail (in the problem browser) then return to the eXvisory page, which may accept the Gmail sign in without further prompts. This is because Gmail is less strict about browser support. You may need to sign in to eXvisory on another (Google-supported) browser to allow access to your Gmail account (see above).

eXvisory sessions

Create a new eXvisory chat session (or ‘eXvisory’ for short) by selecting New eXvisory at the top left of the screen. To view all your 'eXvisories' select My Exvisories and to manage an eXvisory click the button and choose from the popup options.

  • Lock - prevent further changes to an eXvisory session. You might want to lock a session before you share it, so you don’t accidentally make more changes. Locked sessions display a lock icon in the session list.
  • Unlock - unlock a locked session (see above).
  • Duplicate - create a copy of an existing eXvisory session. You might want to do this so you can experiment with a duplicate (by changing some answers) or before sharing a session, so you can continue updating the original session. Duplicates have numbers added to their names to make them unique, but you can rename them (see above).
  • Rename - rename an existing eXvisory session.
  • Delete - deletes an eXvisory session, after confirming you’re sure.

Sharing an 'eXvisory'

The ease with which you can collaborate with friends or colleagues on eXvisory troubleshooting sessions is one of my most whizzy features. You can share a session either by:

  • Selecting one of the Social sharing icons sharing icons below the name of the eXvisory chat session. The share will include the long web address that uniquely identifies the session.
  • Copying the full web address of the eXvisory chat session from your browser address bar and pasting it into your email or social network app.

Try sharing an 'eXvisory' with your friends. A typical (but fictional) session web address looks something like https://exvisory.ai/apps/mobile/sessions/TwasbrilligandthesSlithyTovesxMIyOTk4OQwgICIppwKDA.

Can I ask eXvisory questions?

Nope. A lot of chatbots let you ask questions and then try to figure out what you’re asking and how to help you, but they are mostly just natural language search sitting on top of the same old unhelpful support articles. For a while it’s fun asking the chatbot about its favourite interests, but the fun soon fades when they can’t help you.

eXvisory is about not wasting your time. So I’m programmed to ask you questions in the most efficient order possible, and to help you answer them. I also explain why I’m asking each questions and share intermediate conclusions. And of course you can scroll back up and change your answers and see what happens!


You can auto-translate me into about 100 languages using the amazing Google Translate widget on our pull down menu at the top of the page. I can't guarantee the translation quality (there may be dancing jelly donuts) but it's usually good enough to help me find and fix your mobile device problems in most places in the world :)