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eXvisory knitting bot

If you’re good at finding and fixing problems with mobile phones and tablets and would like to get involved in the AI revolution (you never know where it might lead) here’s a great way to do it. We’re looking for contributors to help crowdsource troubleshooting logic for our eXvisory[mobile] chatbot.

What we're trying to do

eXvisory[mobile] is an AI chatbot that guides users through self-paced troubleshooting of mobile device problems, for example not being able to send or receive emails. It aims to be a BIG improvement over tortuous outsourced call centres and shallow one-shot Q&A AI chatbots (which seem more about reducing support costs than improving support quality) but we need your help to achieve this goal.

eXvisory[mobile] can already troubleshoot over 100 mobile device problems relating to Internet connectivity, email, browsing, voice calling, charging, Bluetooth, screen, notifications and keyboard — but it doesn’t know (yet) about other common problems like audio, video, performance, specific apps, etc. We estimate eXvisory[mobile] needs to be able to troubleshoot something like 1000 problems before it is truly an expert, but when we reach that goal it will be the most useful mobile device troubleshooter on the planet!

How to contribute

There are hundreds of online communities and forums where generous people contribute time and expertise to help less technical users find and fix problems with their mobile devices. If you are one of those contributors please use eXvisory[mobile] while troubleshooting real-world mobile device problems, compare its diagnostic logic with your logic (and that of other contributors), and share your eXvisory[mobile] sessions with us - annotated with your feedback, criticisms and suggestions - and we'll add your logic to eXvisory[mobile].

More details

  • eXvisory[mobile] (and its crowdsourced knowledge) will always be publicly and freely available (we make money by selling AI dev tools).
  • eXvisory[mobile] troubleshoots technical mobile device problems that can occur on any mobile network. There are no plans to extend this to network-specific problems like accounts or billing (but contact us if you’re interested in that).
  • While helping other users find and fix their mobile device problems you can encourage them to try eXvisory[mobile], or you can use eXvisory[mobile] behind the scenes, or both. It’s easy to share and collaborate on eXvisory chat sessions.
  • We think the best way to send us feedback is to create a chat session containing eXvisory[mobile]'s best effort to solve a real-world problem. Then save the eXvisory[mobile] session as PDF (see How can I contribute knowledge?), annotate it with links to the real-world solution and your feedback, criticisms and suggestions and email it to us at But feel free to try out any other feedback method that you prefer.
  • We prioritise adding contributor-submitted logic to eXvisory[mobile] and will try to add your suggestions as soon as possible (but we're only human :).
  • If your feedback is incorporated into eXvisory[mobile] we’ll mention you on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Using eXvisory[mobile] requires a Google login (so we can identify and store user chat sessions). We will probably add Facebook and Twitter logins in the future. In all cases we require minimal profile access rights and will not use your login profiles for marketing.
  • eXvisory[mobile] is build in English, but supports auto-translation into many other languages. So you can still contribute if English is not your first language!

Any questions?

Email us at or message us on Facebook or Twitter.